Real Race 3 - Racing from the pocket - Game review

Closest to realism as you can get on a hand device.

Real Race series have been the AAA racnig game of hand held devices, it works great on both on pads and phone.
This game looks great, it is easy to controll the cars and it is fun to play, I spent more than thirty hours gaming it before writing this review.
What makes it so great?
The grapichs is great, and it actually handles great on older phones as well (like Iphone 4)
Lots of cars, The game has a great number of cars, and more is added to the list as the time goes by.
You don't have to pay for it.. playing just for fun, or like a pro, you can play this game without paying for it, EA have put in some comercials, that you don't have to watch, but everytime you do, you get a gold reward, that you can use to upgrade your cars.
What is the less great about it?
As it is a fremium game, it have to make money somehow, either by comercials, or by making ingame sales, and i guess most income is from the latter.
Sometimes the game present limited sales, 50% is half price, but then again it a single high-end car can cost more then a full priced console game!
To complete one series 100% you must own all the cars used in the series, and you will be forced to upgrade most of cars a little as well, though not all, but the income you make ingame, you could not afford all the cars in a series, even if they are dicounted by some 20% when you are supposed to use them. You could play some events over and over again to make the money for it, but I suppose that would take so much time later in the game that it would kill the fun.
But fear not, there are so many events, and you can also skip events that require a specific car that you don't have yet.
But enough of that.
I spent a fraction of what a console game costs in thirty hours, though I am willing to pay more to make it more exhiting as well, like get more funds to get a proper GT3 car.
After gaming for some hours I got to play the Hot Hatch Power Match, this was a series of events with the Clio Cup that just happend to be exelent for me, it had just the right speed, and grip for my playstyle, it also sounds amazing (yea I recoment headphones when playing this game)
I would also recomend people to play without all the drivings aids, as traction controll, it removes the fealing of the car, you don't know if the car is front or rear wheeled!
The multiplayer part is quite well made, where there are set events, with prices and they are well orgonized, and this is where many find the true pleasure of this game.
Tournaments makes the multiplayer pretty exciting!
The answer is not really, if this game came out on PS4 or Xbox One, it would not have the same success that it has on the mobile platforms.
To make people use money on the game, the cars here needs service, and this takes time, to remove it, you need to spend gold and so on... same with upgrades as well
Some top players have spent more than a 1000 dollars!
If Forza Motorsport or Grand Tourismo came to mobile platforms to compete, I don't think they could, as they are 50 usd+ games from the start, they would sell some but not on the level that Real Race 3 have, and unlike earlier games, Forza now includes ingame sales at levels unheard of.
Great game : 8 out of 10 points.
If Assetto Corsa came to mobile platform, it would most likely outperform Real Race 3 in almost every aspect, so even if it is a great game, it is not a racing simulator.

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